Giraffe, Sunset

​14" x 20", Acrylic on  canvas, (Pallet Knife only)

Collection of Michael and Dee Pellechio

Galloway, ​NJ

"Notre Dame de Paris"

11" x 14", Oil

Collection of Michele and Niles Monica

Tom's River, NJ

Greek Horse, Sunset, Mykonos

​24" x 38" approx., Oil

Collection, The Artist

Oiseaux - Animaux (Birds and Animals)

 (Quai de la Megisserie, Paris)

20" x 26", Oil

Collection, The Artist

Old Red Light at Sunset - NYC

12' x 14", Oil

Collection, The Artist

 "Basilique St. Michel, Bordeaux"
11" x 14", Oil

Collection of Mrs. Irene Y. Richter,
Branchburg, NJ

​Suleymon Mosque, Istanbul

14" x 26" , Oil

​Collection, The Artist 


20" x 26", Oil

Collection of
  Mr. & Mrs. Jacobsen,
 Springfield, NJ (?)

(Current Location uncertain)

Gallery 4

Brandy Glass

10" x 14", Oil

Collection of Ms Mary Jane Pellechio

​Wall Township, NJ

John Richter, Artist


11" x 14", Oil

Collection of Ms Cynthia Richter,

Wall Township, NJ

Horse Race, (New Zealand)

24" x 36" , Oil

​Collection, The Artist

Tuscany Landscape

11" x 14" , Oil

Collection of Ermelinda and Joseph Iosca

​Wall Township, NJ

"'Ville d'Avray"

(Copy of Jean Baptiste Camille Corot's "Ville d' Avray")

10" x 14" approx, Oil in Custom Antique Frame

Collection of Mrs Laura Heller

Forked River, NJ