" Les Bicyclettes"
"16 x 20", Oil

Collection ofErmelinda and Joseph Iosca,
Wall Township, NJ

Gallery 3

"Provincetown Landmark"
14" x 18", Oil

Price On Request

Oranges and Armagnac

11" x 14, Oil

Collection of Mr. & Mrs Tony Martino,

Hardyston, NJ

”Rockwell by Richter”
12” x 16”, Oil

(Detail from 1938 Painting by Norman Rockwell:
“America Builds for Tomorrow”

Collection of
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Madden,

Branchburg, NJ

"Still Life - Fruit"

11" x 14", Oil

Price  On Request

John Richter, Artist

"Final Season?...Not!"
24" x 48",  Oil

Collection of Mr. Daniel Richter,

Branchburg, NJ

 16" x 20", Oil

Collection of Ms. Cynthia Richter,
Wall Township, NJ