"Hot Dog Pushcart Vendor"

Pen and Ink on paper,  10" x 13"

(From the book, New York in the 1930s)

Collection, The Artist


" Les Bicyclettes", Ile de Re, France
"16 x 20", Oil

Collection ofErmelinda and Joseph Iosca,
Wall Township, NJ

Gallery 3

"Provincetown Landmark"
14" x 18", Oil

Collectio​n, The Artist

​'Durer's' Praying Hands

12" x 16", Acrylic on Canvas Board

             Collection, The Artist

Metro 'Rambuteau', Paris, France

24" x 36", Oil

​Collection, The Artist

"Still Life - Fruit"

11" x 14", Oil

Collection, The Artist

Basque Shepherder

 4" x  8", Acrylic on Quarry Tile

Collection, The Artist

Atlantic Lighthouse, Maine

9" x 12", Oil

​Collection of Mrs Irene Richter, Branchburg, NJ.

Cabbage Soup

11" x 14", Oil

Collection, The Artist

NAMATH (1969)

(In 1969, a dejected Joe Namath came off the field at Shea Stadium after the Jets lost to KC. The Chiefs went on to win the AFL Championship and then on to win Super Bowl LIV.)

22" x 48"  , Oil

Painting Sold in Florida, (owner unknown) 

"The Steps"
 16" x 20", Oil

Collection of Ms. Cynthia Richter,
Wall Township, NJ

James Joyce

​9" x 12", Pen and Ink, on Strathmore Textured Paper

Collection, The Artist

"Final Season?...Not!"

Brett Favre, NY Jets
24" x 48",  Oil

Collection of Mr. Daniel J. Richter,

Branchburg, NJ

John Richter, Artist

"Oranges and Armagnac"

11" x 14, Oil

Collection of Tony and Cathy  Martino,

Hardyston, NJ

”Rockwell by Richter”
12” x 16”, Oil
(Detail from 1938 Painting by Norman Rockwell:
“America Builds for Tomorrow”

Collection of
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Madden,

Branchburg, NJ